2014 Food Security Summit at OSU

In October, a group of University of Oregon students (myself included) attended the 2014 Food Security Summit at Oregon State University. The theme of the conference, Hungry for Change: New Thinking and Emerging Themes in Our Work to End Hunger, was meant to frame the issue of hunger holistically and evaluate the many different factors that in to play in building community food security.

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Whole Foods and Detriot

I recently read an article by author Tracie McMillan called “Can Whole Foods Change the Way Poor People Eat?”  She discusses the opening of a Whole Foods in Detroit, a city that has recently received a lot of media attention for its social and economic troubles and inequalities (Some examples: bankruptcy, water shutoffs, vacant land, and vacant land development).  Detroit has become known as a “city without grocery stores” or without access to fresh fruits and vegetables (which isn’t necessary even true, and also paints a simplistic view of the problem of food access).  As McMillan emphasizes in her article, putting a grocery store in the middle of Detroit, especially a Whole Foods, is not going to be the silver bullet to Detroit’s problems. Continue reading